Top Mtech College in Rajkot


As quoted by a great man, “Engineering is not only a study of 45 subjects, but it is moral studies of intellectual life.” When anybody aspires to become an Engineer they make sure that they give their heart and soul in achieving them. There are many who work hard for four long years in Engineering field and hence achieve them. There are a few who feel disheartened and give up, while there only a few among them who want to pursue their further studies, which is indeed a very wise step. But there again arrives a challenge, to decide the best University wherein the student can rely upon.


There is good news for the students who want to pursue with their Mtech, for the Marwadi University is here which has all that you want and indeed the best Engineering College in Rajkot. It is a Mtech College in Gujarat that offers postgraduate courses to all the students who want intellectual cultivation, character growth and personal development on an unrivaled scale.

At the Marwadi University, we make sure that you make the most of it from the two years of your life. The Marwadi University came into practice with their two years M.E. courses in 2011 – 2012 affiliated to GTU.



The Marwadi University is a right place for those students who want to achieve their dreams and enjoy the taste of success. The sincere dedication of Professors towards the students along with the strong management of the team has today tagged the Marwadi University as the best Mtech College in Rajkot.

Library of Marwadi University

The management provides a soothing environment to the students who can without any difficulties meet success in life. There is a well-planned conducive environment for all the fortunate ones who come and study here. We at the Marwadi University make sure that there are sophistically laboratories where students without any problems can work. The huge libraries, where the students can anytime go and enhance their knowledge.


The overall atmosphere is very pleasing at this best Mtech College in Gujarat. The students simply have to go through a common test conducted by the GTU or GATE. On an average, the Marwadi University has a total of 198 seats which is divided into many sections. So that every student here gets personal attention from the most qualified faculties. We hope that your study with us be a great one so that tomorrow you can be all prepared to face the obstacles of the world.




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